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By directly emailing your MEPs, you can show how important transparency in our food system is to you.

All you need to do is fill-in the form, and then we will send the email on your behalf. Remember to sign your email at the bottom!

The form is pre-filled with an example message you can send, but please feel free to change it. MEPs will be much more interested in your individual unique comments than countless emails that are exactly the same.


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Please can you chip in?

Our WeMove community has been campaigning for years to increase transparency in our food system. This vote in the European Parliament's Environment Committee is one more step to changing the status quo on how potentially-dangerous chemicals are approved in the EU. Together, we are all part of that change.

But effective campaigns need funding, and to be ready to mobilise and put pressure when and where it’s most needed, we need the stability and flexibility that only small regular donations from WeMove community members like yourself can provide.

Can you chip in each month and help the struggle for transparency continue?

Next step - spread the word

Thank you for taking action!

Do you know anyone who would feel strongly about transparency in our food system? Send them an email asking them to contact their representatives in the European Parliament!

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