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The EU-Japan Trade Agreement (JEFTA) represents the same threats for the environment and citizens’ rights as TTIP, including the establishment of a parallel justice system for foreign corporations, limited environmental and rights protection, the proliferation of GMOs and hormone-ridden food on our plates, and more. JEFTA has been negotiated with a total and unacceptable lack of transparency. We demand you stop the current negotiations and relaunch them in a democratic manner.

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A leak has just revealed that JEFTA, the trade agreement with Japan, threatens our welfare and rights just like TTIP once did. Current proposals include exclusive tribunals for corporations, GMOs and hormone-ridden meat, no environmental protection, all negotiated with a complete lack of transparency.

The European Commission has quietly been rolling out a second TTIP – but this time with Japan. It doesn’t seem to have learnt anything from the experience with TTIP!

What’s more, at the G20 summit in Hamburg in a few days Merkel and other European Heads of State and Government will actively seek to make a breakthrough happen for JEFTA – the TTIP treaty with Japan. The threats at the core of this treaty are all the more significant because of its huge dimensions: together Japan and the EU produce one third of the global economic output.

After millions of Europeans protested against TTIP and CETA, the European Commission promised a completely different trade policy. In the future, negotiations will be conducted transparently, they reassured us. But this promise has been broken: in terms of transparency, JEFTA falls behind TTIP and CETA. Not even the negotiating mandate of the EU, dating from 2012, has been published in full. This treaty has a potentially enormous impact on all our lives yet we have had to rely on leaks to obtain crucial information about it.  

WeMove.EU is coming together with Campact – a huge German community of action. Together we can prevent this new threat from materializing. Our plan is to put together at least 200,000 signatures against JEFTA, and publish our demands in major daily newspapers. . We need to shine a light on these secret negotiations and demand a chance to influence them before it’s too late. Please sign now! We have very little time!

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