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Support a glyphosate-free future, by publicly opposing renewed authorisation of this toxic pesticide in the European Union. Come up with a plan to support farmers by switching to green alternatives to glyphosate.

We ask you to make this public commitment immediately, as an essential component of the broader objective of an accelerated exit from synthetic pesticides and the transition of our agriculture and food system.

Why is this important?

Bayer-Monsanto’s toxic, bee-killing pesticide glyphosate is on the brink of getting re-approved in Europe for another 15 years. [1]

But here’s the good news: this vote could be our chance to kick this poison out of Europe once and for all.

We only need a handful of countries to vote against glyphosate. Some key countries are already on board. Now we need a final push to convince others who are still on the fence, like Belgium and France. There will be an enormous public outcry if glyphosate gets re-approved. Our leaders need to know this!

The stakes couldn’t be higher: if we win this, we could ban glyphosate for good.

Will you sign the petition and call on European leaders to ban glyphosate?


  1. https://www.euractiv.com/section/agriculture-food/news/leaked-draft-report-suggests-glyphosate-in-line-for-eu-re-approval/

Please can you chip in?

Thank you for signing the petition to get Bayer-Monsanto’s toxic, bee-killing pesticide glyphosate banned.

We only have a few weeks to stop the EU approving glyphosate for another 15 years.

We have to act now and show European leaders that there will be an enormous public outcry if glyphosate gets re-approved. Getting together a huge petition will only be the beginning: we have lots of actions planned both online and on the streets to put pressure on our decision makers.

Can you chip in to win this campaign and ban glyphosate for good?

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