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On September 10 please vote for binding quotas to ensure all EU Member States live up to their responsibility to host a fair share of the refugees to be relocated from Greece and Italy.

Why this is important

In just a few days the European Parliament will vote on a proposal to make the fair distribution of refugees across European countries compulsory. [1]

This is not yet a done deal, but if enough of us call on our Members of Parliament to vote to welcome these refugees, together we can make a real difference for tens of thousands of people fleeing war.

Like the 13,000 Syrian, Eritrean, and Afghan survivors that arrived last week to the Greek island of Lesbos [2], George [3] risked his life and used all his life savings for his journey, but upon arrival he was faced with very little support, no shelter, no medicines and sometimes not even access to water.

We cannot turn a blind eye on people who have no options for survival.

In a few days we will have the chance to host refugees. We cannot miss this crucial opportunity. Before the Council makes the final decision, the European Parliament must vote to make the commitment to saving lives a legally binding one for all EU countries.

There are many more refugees in need of help, but making it compulsory for all EU countries to receive them is an important step towards supporting our fellow human beings fleeing war and persecution.

Call for Europe to vote to help George and other refugees like him right now.

[1] Draft report on the proposal for a Council decision establishing provisional measures in the area of international protection for the benefit of Italy and Greece
[2] Aid agencies say they are being pushed to breaking point by thousands arriving each day by boat from Turkey
[3] Name changed to George (in Arabic جورج) to protect identity

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