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To Fabrice Leggeri, Director of FRONTEX


We hereby call on you, Fabrice Leggeri, to resign immediately as Director of FRONTEX.

Why is this important?

The allegations are shocking: EU agency FRONTEX helped Greek border guards act like pirates. They attacked migrants in unstable boats, forcing them away from EU waters, to be left stranded at sea. The investigations show FRONTEX also witnessed numerous other violent incidents, and tried to cover them up. [1]

The Director of FRONTEX, Fabrice Leggeri, is personally implicated: he knew about the abuse and violations of human rights and lied to Parliament. [2] At the beginning of December he was grilled by MEPs again, but he’s refusing to accept any responsibility and is resisting calls to resign. [3]

Journalists have worked tirelessly to uncover the abuses. MEPs are calling for him to resign. [4] Even FRONTEX officials themselves are leaking details of violations! But the voices of outrage from citizens like us are missing. Will you join me in calling on Leggeri to resign?

Even after Leggeri is gone, huge problems with FRONTEX will remain. It has always been a problematic organisation. It operates in a legal gray area with no way to hold it to account. Getting rid of Leggeri can only be a first step, but it’s a crucial one if we’re going to have any chance of abolishing FRONTEX at all.


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Please can you chip in?

Thank you for taking action by asking the Director of FRONTEX to resign.

Our fight for human rights and the right to asylum is just beginning. This campaign only begins with Leggeri's resignation - there's so much more work we need to do to make sure FRONTEX respects human rights.

But to have real impact, our campaign and actions have to be funded. Can you donate a few euros a month so that together we fight for human rights at Europe's borders?

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Tweet to Ylva Johansson, Commissioner for Home Affairs

We wrote to Ylva Johansson, Commission for Home Affairs asking for an urgent meeting to discuss allegations of human rights abuses against migrants by Greece and EU’s border agency Frontex, but neither she nor her office have gotten back to us yet.

This issue is urgent. If she sees our whole community reaching out to her on twitter on International Migration Day, it could convince her to meet with us and take this issue seriously.

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