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To the European Commission, European Parliament and Council of the European Union


We ask the EU to recognise the crime of ecocide in its Environmental Crime Directive. [1]

Environmental crimes have global impact and cross borders so the EU and its Member States must also commit to push for the recognition of ecocide in the scope of the International Criminal Court.

Why is this important?

Let’s make harming our planet or “ecocide” a crime. “Ecocide” is any human activity that massively damages and destroys our environment, like an oil spill, deforestation, or soil pollution.

Before they keep destroying our planet, we need to stop the fossil fuel industry immediately. Our representatives in the European Parliament will soon vote on how to reform our laws on environmental crime. And could include ecocide as part of these reforms.

There’s a lot of momentum in the EU Parliament to make this happen. But we know how powerful fossil fuel companies and their lobbyists are at influencing politics.

This is where we come in. Let’s show our representative that thousands of Europeans want ecocide to be a crime. If they see our support, they’ll be much more likely to stay strong, vote to add ecocide, and protect our planet.

Make harming the planet a crime!


  1. This crime should have a strong definition, following the work of the Stop Ecocide International panel, that ecocide is unlawful or wanton acts committed with knowledge that there is a substantial likelihood of severe and either widespread or long-term damage to the environment being caused.

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Making harming our planet a crime is crucial to saving our climate. We need to deter, prevent and punish companies who destroy our environment, like an oil spill, deforestation, or soil pollution. We have a chance to change a law that would make these companies accountable.

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