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We ask European leaders to support the Commission’s Sustainable Use of Pesticides plans and to increase its ambition by cutting the most poisonous pesticides immediately, as well as reducing the overall use of pesticides, eventually leading to a full phase-out of synthetic pesticides by 2035. This is the only option if we want to safeguard the future of farmers, biodiversity, and clean water, while ensuring a healthy, climate-resilient and profitable food production system.

Why is this important?

Europe is a pesticide paradise. For decades we have known their devastating effects on our health, bees, and planet. Despite this, our fields are drenched in pesticides, with use increasing yearly. [1]

Pesticide companies want us hooked on pesticides. That's why they pressure governments and farmers to continue large-scale intensive farming dependent on chemicals. [2] They are not interested in growing plentiful, healthy food or protecting our bees, but in growing the European pesticide paradise for profits.

This pesticide addiction has gotten so bad that the European Commission finally announced ambitious plans to drastically cut the use of these poisons. But now certain politicians have started opposing these plans. They’ve even started to parrot the messages of corporate lobbyists funded by the deep pockets of pesticide companies. [3]

The good news is that influential Members of the European Parliament are still defending ambitious plans to cut pesticide use. We need to strengthen their call and drown out the corporate lobbyists. Tell your representative to kick the pesticide addiction!


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  2. https://www.ft.com/content/380db86a-e435-41a0-bd9e-abbb4bd878f8 and https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2022/oct/24/business-groups-block-action-that-could-help-tackle-biodiversity-crisis-aoe
  3. https://euobserver.com/health-and-society/156159

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The pesticide industry wants to keep us addicted to toxic products that boost their profits. A key vote may just turn the tables.

Can you contact key MEPs and ask them to vote in favour of the “Sustainable use of plant protection products” proposal that would halve our pesticide use?

Follow the simple instructions below and if you need some inspiration we have suggested some talking points.

Follow the instructions below:

  • Be personal: we know personal messages are more impactful. Speak from the heart and explain why you care about them coming to meet us.
  • To the point: try to keep your message short.
  • Don’t forget to say thank you and sign your name.

Talking points:

  • Pesticides are bad for the planet, for farmers and for the bees. We need to stop our dependence on pesticides and invest in alternatives. Having pesticide reduction targets is the best way to achieve this.
  • We can only ensure European food security by protecting our farmers, improving soil health and saving the bees and other pollinators. We have to stop using so much pesticides and work with alternative methods such as biological pest control.
  • Most Europeans want to see a massive reduction in pesticides. Do not listen to the pesticide industry. Their interests do not align with the interests of citizens for healthy, plentiful food.
  • To: Members of the European Parliament, European Governments

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    The pesticide industry wants to keep us addicted to toxic products that boost their profits. A key vote may just turn the tables.

    Can you tweet at key MEPs and ask them to vote in favour of the “Sustainable use of plant protection products” proposal that would halve our pesticide use?

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