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Austrian Chancellor, Christian Kern

Open letter

Dear Chancellor Kern,

Please stand firm and block CETA.

People from all over Europe support you in your opposition to the dangerous Canada-EU trade deal.

We stand with you.

Why is this important?

European leaders will be meeting soon to rubber stamp the dangerous trade deal between Canada and the European Union known as CETA. However, their carefully laid secret trade plans might go to waste. The Austrian Chancellor is pushing back and he might yet block the deal.

This is a really critical moment to stop CETA. Almost all the pro-trade ducks are in are in a row, except Austria. If the Austrian Chancellor backs down CETA is passed, but if he stands firm and blocks the deal, CETA is as good as dead.

We know he is facing down huge pressure from EU leaders to sign the deal. In fact he met with European Commission President Juncker today and reports suggest he is wavering. There is a risk he backs down and signs the deal. But we know he will be waiting to see the final text before giving his approval. And his government will be meeting in a few days time to decide on whether to support his decision on CETA, so we need to show him that we’ve got his back.

We will send him a Europe wide open letter letting him know that hundreds of thousands of Europeans are on his side. He needs to see that he’s got support from all over Europe and he’s doing the right thing. Can you help by adding your voice to the letter?

This campaign is run in partnership with 38 Degrees, Uplift, Skiftet and SumOfUs.org

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