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The TTIP and CETA trade agreements are extremely controversial. They would result in the creation of a parallel legal system that is not bound by member states’ rule of law. They do not provide sufficient protection for public services. They undermine consumer and environmental protection.

Yet the European Commission wants to ratify these trade agreements without the approval of our elected representatives. It thereby seeks to take away power from our national democratic governments.

Ensure that trade agreements with such far-reaching implications are properly discussed and ratified by the parliaments of all EU states. They cannot be allowed to come into force preliminarily - neither in their entirety nor in part.

In the aftermath of the Brexit referendum, unilateral action by the EU would send the wrong message. We need more European democracy, not less!

Why this is important

The European Commission wants to rush through the CETA trade agreement without giving our elected representatives a say. We cannot allow our parliaments to be undermined like this. This is not about devolving responsibilities from the EU to member states, but about respecting the existing regulations - regulations that were put in place for a reason.

Please sign our appeal calling on EU heads of government to oppose the Commission’s plans. Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, wants to exclude our parliaments from the trade deal’s ratification process. If this is allowed to happen for CETA, it’s likely that TTIP will be rushed through as well. Ultimately, the European Commission seeks to undermine our democracy just to appease investors and erode our democratic rights.

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