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This is the last time a European Union institution will have a say on the dangerous and anti-democratic treaty known as CETA. Your vote is essential to block it in the European Parliament. Please, stand for democracy, stand for us, your electorate and vote NO to CETA.

Why is this important?

This is a really critical moment to stop CETA, the dangerous and anti-democratic trade deal between Canada and the European Union. Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) will vote on Wednesday, and some of our Italian MEPs are key to the vote. This will be the last time an institution of the European Union gets involved - if CETA passes in the European Parliament that would mean the EU has said ‘yes’ to this threat.

It’s a very close fight. Various parliamentary committees have issued opinions in the run up to this vote. Some recommend to vote Yes and some No. Many MEPs are still undecided - they sense the public uproar against CETA, but face their own parties’ discipline and intense pressure from lobbies.

This is our last chance to remind them of their jobs as representatives, representatives of European citizens, and of what the citizens think of this toxic treaty. Our action will target key MEPs that we know could swing the vote. After Wednesday the role of the EU in accepting or rejecting CETA will be over. Let’s take the chance now!


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