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We don’t want to imagine a Europe without you, the EU would be so much poorer without the French. Le Pen would mean an end to Europe as we know it and spells bad news for all of us: she spreads racism, fear and nationalism. We understand that the alternative is not without problems, too, and we certainly don’t ask you to love Macron. But please go to the polls on May 7, and vote against the far right. We stand together with you.

Why is this important?

Marine Le Pen and her far right Front National party made it to the second round of the French presidential elections. France could fall into the hands of xenophobic candidate Marine Le Pen in two weeks, and start its path to leaving the European Union.

Although many French people are coming together to fight the far right she is still likely to reach the best result for the Front National ever. Many French voters are hesitant to vote for Macron, and left-wing candidate Mélenchon has not called his supporters to vote against Le Pen.

To counter the Front National we need those that are planning to sit this one out to go and vote against Le Pen in two weeks. A decisive loss for Le Pen is key to strengthen French, and hence European democracy.

Together we will write an open letter to the people of France, asking them to go to the polls and stand up against the Front National. We will publish the open letter in newspapers the abstainers are most likely to read, and have banners in the key demonstrations that will happen in between the two rounds. We only have two weeks and we need thousands of voices to send to the French. Will you add yours?

Please can you chip in?

Will you donate to help us put an add in the key paper to call on left-wing voters not to abstain but to go and vote against the Marine Le Pen and the far right?

One ad costs 15,000. Your donation is important!

The WeMove community is here to stand up for European democracy against the far right. Impactful campaigns need funding, so we need your help!

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