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Chancellor Angela Merkel and the heads of the Free Democratic Party and the German Green Party in the negotiations to form the new government, and other European leaders

Now is the time to fundamentally change the eurozone. For a fair and democratic euro based on solidarity!

We are calling on you to transform the unbalanced eurozone to one benefiting all people and that will help prevent future crises.

Key changes to achieve this transformation would be: more investments in the eurozone, for example to tackle youth unemployment and create green jobs to combat climate change; an ambitious eurozone budget could fund much needed investments and level out economic differences between countries and people.

We are also calling on you to create democratic institutions to replace the current obscure deals in the intransparent Eurogroup. No more key decisions on our currency without transparency and an effective parliamentary oversight.

Why is this important?

As you read this, the newly elected leaders of Germany are sitting down to tough negotiations on forming the next government.

With the shadow of more than 90 new far-right deputies in the parliament, and strong voices both for and against a democratic reform of the European Union, the negotiations could go either way. With Germany as the key player, what happens in Berlin will decide the future of Europe.

A progressive change is more than necessary: While Germany can borrow money for 0.01% a year, Greece pays 4.62% for government debt. [2] The imbalance is huge. It benefits rich countries and the banks: Deutsche Bank just cashed in €1.3 billion in interest from Greek taxpayers. [3] Without addressing problems like this, the next financial crisis will be unavoidable.

The choice of the new government is between "Germany first" or "Europe united". We are Europeans, and this is about all of us. As Chancellor Merkel and all four parties claim to be pro-European they will react very cautiously to a movement organised all over Europe, and we are the biggest movement of Europeans striving for a better Europe.

19 member states use the Euro as our common currency, but their economies are very different. A common currency means also common problems: high youth unemployment rate or a new bank crisis concerns us all. We urgently need investment programmes dedicated to solving our most pressing challenges: giving decent jobs to young people, replacing dirty fuels with renewable energy, ensuring just and efficient public services are available to all. For that we need a eurozone budget where all countries would contribute to help fund solutions to the most urgent needs across Europe.

The institutions that govern the Euro, like the Eurogroup [4] and the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) [5], are constructed outside the EU treaties, who guarantee at least a minimum of transparency and parliamentary influence. [6] The ESM only allows Germany and France to have full veto power. Both institutions are non-transparent and have no democratic oversight. For a fair and democratic euro which connects people and economy to the European Union, the eurozone urgently needs reform.

Time is ripe for change. Thousands of members of our community recently shared our opinions on the state of the eurozone in a survey, helping steer our campaigning. We overwhelmingly agree: the eurozone cannot continue as it is, and the past 10 years have shown us how badly the European solidarity could fail in times of crisis.

This call we are making is one from all over Europe. Spaniards, Greeks and others felt the results of the crisis first hand. But support for these changes also comes from countries like Germany where 85.7% of the Germans in our community agree that the response to the economic crisis benefited the powerful countries such as Germany at the cost of people in Spain, France, Italy and Greece.

And we have at least one strong ally, although we don’t agree with all his ideas. Since his election French president Macron has been campaigning for a reform of the European Union and especially the eurozone. He knows that he needs Germany to create a more fair and democratic Europe, where economic problems are solved together.


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