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To European leaders

Now is the time to fundamentally change the eurozone. For a fair and democratic euro based on solidarity!

We are calling on you to transform the unbalanced eurozone to one benefiting all people and that will help prevent future crises.

Key changes to achieve this transformation would be: more investments in the eurozone, for example to tackle youth unemployment and create green jobs to combat climate change. An ambitious eurozone budget could fund much needed investments and level out economic differences between countries and people.

We are also calling on you to create democratic institutions to replace the current obscure deals in the intransparent Eurogroup. No more key decisions on our currency without transparency and an effective parliamentary oversight.

Why is this important?

A quiet but essential battle is taking place in the corridors of power - away from our attention.

Power giants Macron and Merkel are engaged in a fight on the rules of the eurozone (the economy of the 19 countries using the euro) [1]. They could strengthen existing rules that mostly promote austerity and sabotage between countries. Or they could promote rules to become more cooperative and focused on looking after people.

The way the euro economy is run determines whether we are in debt, whether we have a job, whether we suffer poverty, whether pensions are paid - and much more. The crisis has shown there are deep design flaws in the eurozone economy, with very negative consequences like:

  • Imposed austerity, and reduced access to good quality free education and healthcare
  • A dramatic increase of sovereign debt for some countries
  • More inequality between peoples across Europe. [2]

The need for change has become the new hot topic amongst politicians. European leaders are talking about how to reform the economy right now! Our leaders need to hear from their voters that we want change, but for the benefit of the people. This is a historical chance to make clear we believe in more cooperation–and not more sabotage–between countries, and that we believe this is necessary for European's well-being.

“Defending our European values means we can’t each just look after ourselves individually,” Louise [3] from our community of action told us. Thousands like her have already mobilised for a new economy based on solidarity. They want an ambitious common budget for the eurozone, controlled by the European Parliament, that allows for more public investments. They want a crisis-proof economy! Join Louise: sign now!


[1] https://euobserver.com/economic/141596
[2] http://politicalcritique.org/world/eu/2017/democratic-euro-zone-wemove/
[3] Not her real name, but her quote.

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