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We are people from all walks of life, who call Europe our home – whether we were born in Europe or elsewhere. We are proud to live in a Europe that is a stunning mosaic of cultures, languages, customs and beliefs.

Our way of life does not need protecting from migrants-- it needs equality and respect for human dignity and human rights. No human being is illegal. Migration is not a crime nor a security threat. What does need protecting however, is our planet. What is criminal is the rate at which we continue to deplete the resources of our planet, forcing people around the globe to flee their homes.

We call on you to reject the title of “Vice-President for Protecting our European Way of Life”, remove migration from this portfolio and ensure that human dignity, equality and human rights are upheld in the new European Commission and specifically in the portfolio in charge of Migration Policy in Europe.

Why is this important?

In any mosaic, each piece that makes it up is different from the other. But together, these pieces make something stunning.

The same can be said of our home -- Europe is made great by the wealth of cultures, experiences, and backgrounds of those of us who call Europe home. In fact, ‘Unity in Diversity’ is the motto of the European Union. But this vision is under threat.

European Commission President-elect, Ursula von der Leyen, has nominated a Vice President who will be in charge of "Protecting the European Way of Life". What do they mean by a European Way of Life? We are not sure. But we do know that his main responsibility is migration. [1]

The title of this position suggests that “the European Way of life” is somehow at odds with migration and needs protecting from it. This is an insult, at best. At worst, it takes on the rhetoric of the far-right, and institutionalises it. Marine LePen has called it an ‘ideological victory’. [2]

Meanwhile, pressure has been mounting to reject this title and remove migration from this portfolio. [3] We need to send a message: a massive people-powered petition showing that Europeans won’t stand for this could tip the scales.

In just three days MEPs will question the candidate for this position: the time to act is now.


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