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Given the latest science, the EU's current targets are highly insufficient and would condemn the world to severe climate breakdown. We call on you to recognise this climate emergency and immediately meet to adopt a binding target of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040 and show ambition by enhancing your 2030 target to 65% emission reductions. The world is looking to Europe to show leadership, and we're running out of time - act now.

Why is this important?

Temperatures are soaring to historic highs this summer - ravaged by drought, wildfires are raging from France to Poland. [1] This climate breakdown has even set the Arctic on fire!! [2] Scientists are warning that this will be the new normal unless our leaders start acting like there’s an emergency. [3]

Next month, world leaders are meeting in New York to put forward ambitious commitments to tackle the climate crisis - right now the EU is lagging behind and planning to go empty-handed! [4] This would be a massive blow to global efforts and put us on course to catastrophe.

Now is the perfect time to push for serious climate action. The UN Secretary-General has just written to the EU with an urgent ask that they get serious and show desperately needed leadership. [5] Together we can supercharge his call and demand that our leaders cancel their summer vacations to hold an emergency climate summit to deal with this crisis. Join now!


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