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To the European Commission


We call on you to introduce detailed EU legislation covering all aspects of fish farming to ensure good fish welfare during rearing, transport and slaughter. Specifically:

  • Detailing general requirements on rearing and transport to cover all farmed fish, including species-specific requirements
  • Ensuring that all farmed fish are killed using humane slaughter methods
  • Providing species-specific requirements on permitted methods of stunning and killing
  • Banning slaughter methods which are known to cause suffering for all species

Why is this important?

Every day a diver swims the depths of the sea to visit his friend, an octopus. The octopus doesn’t swim away but moves up to meet him. They wrap arms and tentacles. The diver learns that octopuses are far more like us than they are different. They crave bonds, have memories, and experience emotions too. [1]

And it’s not just the octopus, all fish can feel emotions such as stress, fear, and pain.

Despite this, fish farming is a ruthless business. Industrial fisheries farm over one billion fish each year in the EU. [2] They cram fish into parasite-infested underwater cages alongside dead fish. [3]

Even with the growing evidence of suffering in these factory fish farms, no one has taken steps to improve fish welfare. Right now, the European Commission is open to making ambitious changes for the welfare of farmed animals. [4] It's a huge opportunity. With an uproar from people like us, we can push our leaders to include fish welfare!

But we don’t have much time to act. Our partners already have the voices of 60.000 Europeans calling for fish welfare, but they’ve asked for our help. If we reach 100,000 signatures, we will have a much stronger chance to convince the Commission to protect ALL animals, including fish. Will you sign?

Factory farmed fish in crammed cages are more susceptible to disease and injury. They are usually starved - for up to two weeks or more - before they are transported and slaughtered. Industrial fisheries then slaughter them with methods that cause immense suffering such as cutting the gills while they are still conscious or leaving them to suffocate. [5]

But European fish can be farmed more humanely. Through more space and death without suffering, fish would be free from stress, pain, and disease. [6]

We can end more suffering by speaking out for the welfare of fish!


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Please can you chip in?

As a community we continue to fight for the welfare of farmed animals.

Last year thousands of us spoke up to protect millions of animals in Europe that spend most of their lives in a cage, sometimes from birth until death. Coming together we were able to convince the EU to phase out cages in land animal farming across Europe!

Now we have a new fight, to make sure that European fish are farmed more humanely. Despite new evidence describing how fish can experience stress, pain and fear, industrial fisheries continue to cruelly farm fish. We can speak up for those without voices and push for the welfare of all farmed animals, including fish!

Will you join the thousands already chipping in to make sure we can continue to fight for the welfare of farmed animals?

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