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Governments and EU institutions must ensure the collecting and public access of key corporate information for tax justice. Through the Anti-Money Laundering Directive, EU governments should give tax dodgers no place to hide and expand public registers for beneficial owners of companies to also cover trusts and similar structures. These registers must be open and publicly accessible and include a wide range of beneficial owners by lowering the thresholds for registration.

Why is this important?

Right now, many of us struggle with the rising cost of everyday essentials, such as food and energy. And our governments say we cannot afford to tackle the massive increase in everyday costs or afford better public transport, hospitals and climate action. At the same time, we are denied billions a year because rich individuals and multinationals do not pay their fair share. [1] This doesn't add up.

At the basis of a fair tax system is knowing how much every person owns. There are rules in place which should make sure that people cannot hide their wealth. [2] But right now many hiding places, such as trusts, are not included in these rules.

Just a few months ago, journalists found that a Swiss Bank was helping criminals, dictators and other customers to hide large sums of money from the tax authorities through trusts. [3]

Once again, this recent scandal shows how the system is rigged and we need tighter rules.

European leaders need to find money to solve the cost of living scandal we’re living in. They are looking for solutions to these problems. We have them.

In a few weeks time, they can vote to make it much harder for rich individuals and multinationals to hide their money. [4] But the vote will be close - some of our representatives are still on the fence.

Before they vote, let’s tip the scales in favour of a fair tax system, where no one can hide their wealth. Let our representatives know they have public support to change the rules so that everyone in Europe pays their fair share.


  1. https://www.icij.org/investigations/paradise-papers/european-plan-to-unify-corporate-tax-rules-and-recoup-billions-faces-steep-hurdles-ahead/
  2. These rules are the anti-money laundering directive, see 4
  3. https://www.occrp.org/en/suisse-secrets/
  4. They will vote on changes to the anti-money laundering directive

Please can you chip in?

This community knows the importance of fair taxes for our societies. For public transport, hospitals and climate action. And is ready to speak up against a rigged system where the rich get richer, while the majority of Europeans struggle with the latest cost of living scandal.

Now is the moment to demand fair taxes. But we are up against a wealthy enemy who will play dirty to keep the system rigged for tax dodgers.

Will you join the thousands already chipping in to make sure we can continue to fight for fair taxes?

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