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the people of Paris and victims of terror worldwide

A message of solidarity

As European people, we are shocked, saddened and in deep mourning after the terrorist attacks in Paris. We stand in solidarity with the victims’ families, friends and loved ones.

We express the same solidarity to all of the victims of IS across the world including those in Ankara, Beirut, Syria and Iraq, and to all the refugees forced to flee their homes to escape the very terror that hit Paris.

Today, we stand together for peace. We stand together for liberté, égalité, fraternité.

We will publish this text in the next days as an ad in Le Monde (Paris).

The victims of Paris are victims of the same perpetrators who spread terror in Ankara, Beirut, in Syria and Iraq. A terror that we abhor and condemn.

We know it is precisely this terror that thousands are trying to escape from. It is acts of war, like the horrific attacks on Parisians, that Syrians are fleeing.

Today we want to show our most felt compassion and support to those who suffered the IS horror in Paris. Today we also want to offer our solidarity to all victims of IS.

Today it is the day when we stand for our values of peace, democracy and solidarity and want to extend the benefit of these values to those who come to us fleeing the same terror we saw in our own home Friday night.

Our values must be all the more daring when terror strikes us. IS might make Europeans into victims, but never our values. IS might make Syrians into victims, but never our values. Let's stand firm in daring solidarity with Parisians, and let's dare to extend our values and solidarity to all victims of IS.

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