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Didier Reynders, European Commissioner for Justice, Members of the European Parliament and EU Heads of State and Government


We call you to support new clear and robust legislation that requires companies operating in the EU to carry out due diligence along their supply chains -- ensuring they identify, prevent, and address human rights, environmental, and corruption risks and impacts. We call for an ambitious law that enables victims of corporate abuse to access justice and hold companies liable.

Why is this important?

Goi, Ikot Ada Udo and Oruma are small villages in a part of Nigeria called the Niger delta. It is home to proud farmers and fishermen. They ate fish from the creek, farmed their own land, and lived in harmony with the creeks and its surroundings.

But when oil was discovered there, Shell moved in, draining all it could from the precious land. And when oil spills ravaged that land, it took 13 YEARS for these communities to win their case in court and hold Shell accountable. [1]

This gives hope to all those standing up to big corporations like Shell across the world. But no one should have to wait 13 years for justice.

Now the EU wants to create radical new rules which would allow people to seek justice in European courts and make it far easier to punish global businesses for their destructive actions.

Corporate lobbyists will try to water them down. But before the EU writes them, they want to know what people in Europe think. This could be our chance. We have until Monday 8 February to let them know -- so let’s make it the biggest public consultation ever and pass this historic law against corporation abuses!

You can read here a summary of the official requests that we will send on your behalf to the European Commission in the framework of this official consultation:


  1. https://www.theguardian.com/global-development/2021/jan/29/finally-some-justice-court-rules-shell-nigeria-must-pay-for-oil-damage

Please can you chip in?

The fight of the Niger Delta communities shows that all of us can stand up to big corporations like Shell. But there is one condition: we have to come together!

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