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To European governments, the European Commission and the European Parliament


We demand that EU member states individually and collectively:

  • Take action to prevent empty passenger flights;
  • Revise EU legislation to bring an end to these outdated airport slot usage rules;
  • Support national measures and European legislation that helps promote long-distance rail and phasing out short-haul flights where alternatives exist.

Why is this important?

Airlines are flying empty planes across Europe, with no people or goods in them. Over 100,000 ghost flights have flown over our heads this winter. All because of a law the European Commission won't let go of. [1]

In a moment when we are racing to cut emissions and save our planet, this outdated law is like a slap in the face.

Lufhansa, Air France, British Airways and other airlines are calling for a stop to this waste, and so are environmentalists. More and more people are learning about this absurd situation through the media.

The good news is that governments can rebel against this rule that fuels climate chaos. In fact, Austria has already boldly declared it will rebel. [2] Belgium, Germany and Spain have signalled they might follow suit.

Before more needless flights take off, we need to convince the governments in countries with the busiest airports to follow their example, and make courageous declarations about it. Now that the tide is turning, let’s make our governments hear their voters roar louder than an aeroplane engine.


  1. https://www.repubblica.it/green-and-blue/2022/02/01/news/voli_fantasma_emissioni_aerei_vuoti_slot-336031992/?ref=RHTP-BG-I294524205-P11-S1-T1
  2. https://www.wienerzeitung.at/nachrichten/wirtschaft/oesterreich/2134961-Ausnahmeklausel-in-Oesterreich-ersparte-im-Winter-8.000-Leerfluege.html

Please can you chip in?

Thousands of ghost flights fly above our heads. Transporting neither people nor goods but generating tonnes of polluting emissions.

We need to convince governments to rebel against the European rule that forces empty flights - but for that purpose we need to organise actions that cost money.

Spread all across Europe, people like you and me are the purse of this community of action. By each donating what we can, we add up to so much more - enough to make big things like this happen.

Join thousands of people already donating and help us to stop unnecessary flights that fuel climate change.

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