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We call on you to tackle the life-threatening climate crisis. We do not want public money spent on fossil gas projects! We ask you to exclude fossil fuel projects from all EU investments.

This includes projects supporting fossil gas through the back-door, i.e. fossil-based hydrogen and “decarbonized” or “low carbon” gas which is made from fossil gas.

We demand that EU money is instead invested in renewable energy, so we can build a resilient, green and just energy system for everyone.

Why is this important?

We know that if we want a shot at saving our planet, we need to leave fossil fuels behind. And right now we have a golden opportunity to do just that.

The European Commission has just said fossil gas should not be receiving billions in European funding. [1] But for this to happen, we need three key Members of the European Parliament to agree. But The problem is, the gas industry has just played all the tricks in the book to impact their decision. [2]  And time is running out.

We only have until Monday before they will fix their position on funding fossil gas projects – or not.

The decision will shape our energy supply for decades to come. Our partners are setting up emergency meetings in Parliament to make the case for ending fossil gas funding. But their case would be so much stronger if they were backed by hundreds of thousands of people from across the continent. 

Only by coming together can we outbalance the gas industry that has been lobbying our EU leaders. Will you join us? 


  1. The EU institutions are reviewing the energy infrastructure legislation (TEN-E) that defines so-called ‘projects of common interests’. These are large cross country electricity and gas projects. If we don’t exclude fossil gas from the list, billions will flow into pipelines and also LNG terminals that import fracked gas from the United States.
  2. The ‘shadow rapporteurs’ in the parliament are responsible for writing the report that will define the EU parliament's committee (ITRE) position. After the report is finished on Monday, there will be not much room for other parties or MEPs to impact the position. The rapporteurs that are still supporting gas are: Tom Berendsen (EPP) Netherlands, Erik Bergkvist (S&D) Sweden, and Sandra Pereira (The Left/GUE) Portugal. A vote in parliament will happen later in September.

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Our MEPs represent us and it’s their job to listen. So, in a few sentences let them know why climate action is important to you. Let them know why they should make sure money goes towards new and sustainable energy, and not the same old fossil fuels that got us here.

Remember: they want to hear from you!

You can get more inspiration here: https://www.globalwitness.org/en/campaigns/fossil-gas/why-natural-gas-is-dangerous-for-the-climate/

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Three EU politicians could push the EU to spend billions of euros on fossil gas projects. They will decide by Monday. Now it's time to raise our voices and tell them to protect our planet!

At present, it’s finely balanced, and public pressure could tip their decision the right way. You’ve already signed the petition, but now it’s time to set twitter on fire!

Send a tweet to MEPs to stop billions of euros of our public money flowing into fossil gas!

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We are determined to save our planet and stop the fossil fuel industry. The next four months will be key. We will be working hard on this powerful campaign to impact this and the upcoming, crucial decisions in the EU.

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