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Open letter

To the women of Poland,

Across Europe, we are watching in horror as your Constitutional Tribunal has taken away your fundamental human rights. We condemn this attack on your freedom to make choices.

We support your efforts to oppose this terrible ban on nearly all abortions and we stand with you in solidarity across borders.

Why is this important?

Friday 30 October 2020 petition update: this petition was launched in 2016 and has been updated with the addition of “your Constitutional Tribunal has taken away” to reflect the decision taken by the Polish Constitutional Tribunal.

“They took from me what was most precious to me: the hope that one day I will become a mother”, says Katarzyna. [1] “I am in my thirties and now I will never get pregnant, knowing that if the pregnancy goes terribly wrong, I will be left with no choice but to carry and then give birth to a child without a skull or lungs or even a brain. A child who would die within days.”

The Polish Constitutional Tribunal just banned abortions in one of the very few cases that was still legal, in cases when the fetus has irreversible defects. [2]

Within days, women’s terror and anger transformed into the biggest, most vibrant, creative and powerful protest Poland has seen in decades. It’s as if the streets are on fire. And the protests are actually making the right-wing, ultra-conservative government scared.

But to face the difficult times with strength and courage, we need people from all across Europe to stand with us, and shout in one voice in support of women's right to choose.

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