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To EU Heads of State and Government


I am taking a stand against the xenophobia and intolerance that is spreading throughout Europe. I am standing for diversity. I am standing for dignity for those who are escaping deadly situations in search of a life without violence. For dignity for those who have risked their lives to come to Europe, only to be welcomed by barbed wire fences and detention centers. For dignity for those facing a harsh winter with no shelter, no status, nowhere to go and nowhere to return to. Dignity knows no nationality. I pledge to continue to raise my voice in 2016.

Stand with us for a Europe without xenophobia in 2016.

This was close but the French far-right lost and all is well. Is it?

Actually the extreme far-right party, Front National (FN) almost won one third of the votes and grew between the two election rounds. At a time when Europe is struggling with how to give peace and dignity to some of the most vulnerable people seeking safety, the far-right is turning our beautifully vibrant and diverse societies into something to be feared.

This Thursday, EU heads of state and government will discuss migration. The FN growth means these meetings may take a right-wing turn, but together we can show our politicians that another Europe is very much alive. We can show them that politics of fear will not work and that we will not accept intolerance.

This Thursday is also International Migrants Day and we can use this opportunity to shine a light on the other Europe. The Europe of shelter, of welcoming messages rather than barbed wire. This message to our leaders is not only a message to them. It is also a message to ourselves, a commitment, to unite in 2016 and fight for a Europe which embraces diversity.

Let’s come together and show our friends, our families and our politicians that 2016 will not be a year of a fragmented Europe, where fear of the other is stronger than any other sentiment. Make the pledge now and we will start working together to build a more just and welcoming Europe.

Stand with us for the dignity of all people, regardless of their nationality and sign the pledge now.

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