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Member of the European Parliament Bogusław Liberadzki, lead negotiator of the EU Rail Passenger Rights Regulation


We demand that the EU law on the rights of train passengers guarantees better assistance for persons with disabilities and reduced mobility during train travel and abolishes the need for pre-notification!

Why is this important?

For most of us, train travel is pretty easy. All we have to do is get to the train station, buy a ticket, and go.

But for the one in five people in the EU who have a disability, that’s not possible. [1] Yannis, who is blind, needs assistance to catch the right train, and Horst, who uses a wheelchair, needs help finding a ramp to board the train.

EU law requires people like Yannis or Horst to give two days' notice to get the assistance they need, even for daily commutes. [2] They need to email or call because they need assistance to board and leave the train due to the lack of accessibility of train stations and vehicles.

This means that 100 million EU citizens with disabilities and millions of other passengers with reduced mobility including many elderly people still don’t have the right to travel by train when they want to. [3] As persons with a disability or reduced mobility are not able to access train transport, they are forced to turn to more polluting and expensive alternatives, such as cars or flights.

EU legislators are negotiating a law on the rights of train passengers that could abolish the 2 day notice period, ensuring everyone gets assistance and has an equal right to 'turn up and go' at any station in the EU.

Our partner, the European Disability Forum (EDF) has been fighting on this for years. Add your voice to ensure everyone has equal access to more environmentally-friendly train travel!


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