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Mark Rutte, Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Sebastian Kurz, Chancellor of Austria, Mette Frederiksen, Prime Minister of Denmark and Kjell Stefan Löfven, Prime Minister of Sweden


We call upon EU and national leaders to tackle the unprecedented crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic with solidarity, courage and innovation.

We do not want a return to business as usual, to an economic model which has exacerbated social inequalities, jeopardised our health, and driven our planet’s climate and nature to the brink of collapse. Instead, now is the time to radically and rapidly make our economies greener, fairer, and more resilient to future shocks.

We demand the establishment of the biggest green investment programme the world has ever seen - backed up by all available EU financial tools to finance a recovery that is green and just.

This call is based on a statement signed by Europe’s leading environmental NGOs [1].

Why is this important?

Europeans are aware of what the recovery package is and the potential impact it could have on their lives, economies and society.

Hundreds of thousands across the European Union have moved from awareness to action, in the understanding that this is a rare and unique opportunity to turn crisis into transformation.

The billions of euros that will be made available for EU countries to invest their way out of this deep economic crisis, could mark a turning point if invested wisely.

Investing in fossil fuels, and that includes gas, is not wise. It’s not reasonable. It means anchoring our economies to a technology and a production mode that have brought us to the climate, energy, health and economic crisis we are suffering these days.

Investing recovery funds in fossil fuels would solely be in response to the heavy lobbying of those companies with deep pockets that are trying to defend their profits, even if their interest is against the interest of everyone else.

Against all odds, the European Parliament Committee on the Environment voted in favour of excluding fossil fuels, including gas, from receiving a cent of recovery funds. Europeans want to see a Council that keeps that level of ambition.

Investing in renewables will bring three times more jobs than fossil fuels. They can also be scaled up quickly, unlike pipelines. There is no reason for fossil fuels to be part of the future story of Europe or where the recovery billions go.

European people don’t have powerful lobby firms to represent their concerns - but they know what’s going on. The gas and oil industries want to grab most of the billions of euros that should instead go towards renewable energies. Engie, GRTgaz, Teréga, Naturgy, Italgas, ExxonMobil, PGNiG: these gas corporations have been busy lobbying Council leaders. [1]

That's why hundreds of thousands of people demand bold politics that maximize the potential of the recovery funds to leave behind an outdated economic model that is destroying the planet and creating inequality.


  1. http://www.wemove.eu/the-power-of-the-fossil

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