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The 750 billion COVID-19 recovery funds are being touted as the moment of truth to accelerate the green transition in Europe -- but, is it really?

Powerful big polluting industries are already making every effort to grab most of the money with their greenwashing propaganda.

In Flanders, the transport lobby has convinced the region’s mobility minister to invest a whooping 93 million euros from our recovery funds on buses that will use fossil fuels instead of renewable energy. [1] Meanwhile, Bulgaria could soon be using recovery money for fossil gas pipelines, increasing people’s dependency on gas. [2]

Right now, the European Commission is carefully reviewing the proposals from each EU government for spending their recovery funds. In just a few weeks, they’ll either get the green light, or get rejected.

We must take this opportunity to demand recovery funds are used to transition towards a real green economy. Would you like to join a webinar on Wednesday 12th May at 18.00 CEST to learn about what is happening and what you can do about it?

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  2. https://www.cashawards.eu/2021/03/25/bulgaria-replace-coal-dependence-with-fossil-gas-addiction/

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