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I am taking a stand against a world led by fear, hate and xenophobia. I am standing for justice, solidarity, equality and hope. I am pledging not to let those who thrive on fear and disempowerment destroy our Europe with divisions and walls.

Together we can fight the likes of Trump on our continent!

Why is this important?

Our future looks very different than it did yesterday. The United States will change forever, and these changes will have a massive impact on Europe and our world. Again, we saw yet another political campaign fuelled by hate, misogyny and racism -- and again, it worked.

In America, there will be progressives waking up in the morning who didn't step up. Just like many British people did after Brexit. Already populist ideologues have taken over in Hungary and Poland. And who was amongst the first to congratulate Donald Trump on his victory? Marine Le Pen, the leader of France’s Front National.

The lesson is clear we have to step up. A more progressive Europe is needed now, more than ever! For a good year now we have been building WeMove.EU. We are already 450,000 Europeans and if we grow and work together we can have an impact and fight off the likes of Donald Trump here in Europe.

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